Welcome to the territory of the Langhe and more specifically in one of the many small towns that rely on these ridges overlooking the valley and look: it is Lequio Berria. In stunning location, the country lies on the ridge of high hills of the Langhe, where they already are evident harshness of the land, and the rich forest vegetation fits brilliantly with the cultivation of hazelnuts, vegetables and wheat grass and relaxing, which follow shaped curves of the hills.

Lequio Berria is a small town of Alta Langa, situated 700 meters above sea level. Its economy is predominantly agricultural.

At a local produces the prized nutty "Tonda Gentile delle Langhe", which received the prized indication I.G.P (Protected Geographical Indication).

After the agriculture and tourism being an important source of this country, because so many people, including many foreigners (Germans, Austrians, Swiss) have found these sites for years have been linked to past traditions to appreciate the nature, cooking and wines.

Many foreigners have been so impressed by the beauty of the place who have settled in the area by buying and restoring farms with taste while maintaining the design of the Langhe, using native materials such as terracotta Piedmont Langa stone and wood.

The fruit of our land, directly on your tables